About As

Masader is a leading participant in the field of green technology in Egypt and reliable producer of high quality biodiesel.
Masader– in Arabic language means “resources” – is one of the leading producers in Egypt of biodiesel from different feedstock and aim to grow as world class contributor in the field of green technology and recycling to provide renewable resources to the world and participate in conserving the earth for the coming generations.

  • Masader provides highly reliable high quality production of biodiesel from different feedstock with superior customer service and great flexibility and understanding for the different requirements of customers.Our biodiesel is mainly exported to the European market where we continually strive to become a trusted partner with our clients not just a supplier.
  • With our partners Carbon, we developed our production technology, built the processing plant and operating the facility according to highest standards of QHSE, reliabilityand sustainability.
  • In Masader we think as a startup and aim to continue with startup momentum and sustainable growth hence our moto is “forever a Startup”

Benefits of working with Masader

Strategically located

Masader is strategically located in northAfrica on the Mediterranean sea with easiest and fastest access to European markets. The location is also centered between Asian markets on the east and European and American market to the west.

Professional team

In Masader, we own the know-how of our process and the process is designed by our team in cooperation with our partner Carbon. This gives us the strength to improve and resolve any problem the may face us at any time. We invest in people and hire the best professionals in all positions.

Trade agreements

With the European trade agreement with Egypt, the cost of final product in European market is competitive.

Reliable and Quality product

Masader is establishing strong reputation for delivering reliable and high quality product supported by certification including ISO and ISCC.


To become a world class company in the field of green technology and recycling and contribute to preservation

of the planet for generations to come.



We walk the talk, we deliver as promised and all out

intentions match our actions.


We do right things right, we practice and foster leadership at all levels in

Masader and apply world class management in all of our work.